Did government psychics predict a Trump presidency?

Did government psychics predict a Trump presidency?

30 years ago, the Agency’s remote viewers channeled Trump’s Newsweek cover and got a “Alfred E. Neuman” vibe - and a possible glimpse of his eventual political ascendance

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Edited by Michael Morisy

A few years after they had spent an afternoon chatting up ancient aliens on Mars, government psychics were tasked with setting their second sights on something a little less ambitious: next week’s Newsweek cover.

Although the remote viewer had concerns that they might have gotten Time by accident …

they eventually settled on the impression of a man giving a distinct “Alfred E. Neuman” vibe.

If you’re wondering just who might give off such a devilishly debonair aura, thumbing through Newsweek archives shows that subject turned out to be …

future president of the United States of America, Donald J. Trump.

And while some of the remote viewer’s details are bit off - Trump’s made his aversion to eyewear quite clear

one in particular, the image of the man standing on a balcony addressing a crowd …

kinda stands out (compare to this Associated Press photo and see).

Maybe Trump should revive the program to finally solve the issue of crowd size once and for all. Read the full report embedded below.

Image via Mad Magazine