Nominate a FOIA hero for Sunshine Week

Nominate a FOIA hero for Sunshine Week

Do you know of an ordinary citizen whose public record request had a huge impact? Let us know!

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Edited by Michael Morisy

At MuckRock, one thing we like to stress is that, although FOIA is a powerful tool for journalists and researchers, it doesn’t belong to any one group. The Right to Know extends to every American, and with Sunshine Week coming up, we wanted to celebrate the activists, the watchdogs, and everyday concerned citizens that make an impact.

Citizens such as Malia Litman, who through 89 FOIA requests and years in court, single-handedly exposed a massive exposed a culture of corruption in the United Sates Secret Service.

Send us your suggestions via the form below or via before midnight EST on Friday, March 10th, and we’ll include them in our Sunshine Week celebrations.

Image via US National Archives