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Stories FOIA told this week had its budget cut

In true FOIA fashion, our weekly series looking at the stories public records made possible is a bit late and missing all the good parts.

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The second-best disinfectant: FOIA-inspired cocktails

Holding the government accountable is thirsty work. Which is why to close out Sunshine Week, MuckRock put together this list of transparency-inspired tipples to make those GLOMAR rejections go down smoother.

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A Sunshine Week salute to everyday FOIA heroes

Last week, we put out a call to nominate FOIA heroes - ordinary citizens whose public records requests have made an impact. The results are in, and we’ll close out Sunshine Week with the strongest case for the public’s right to know - the public themselves.

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A FOIA 4 KIDZ lesson plan for educators

FOIA can be slow and strange, but that might be all the more reason to introduce the youth, the future, to it now. For you educators, MuckRock’s made up some materials to assist you in starting a discussion about transparency in government.

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It’s tip-off time for FOIA March Madness 2017

This morning, we released the initial round of requests for FOIA March Madness 2017, but there’s still time to get your bracket in MuckRock’s contest for Most Responsive Agency.

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