Redact yourself the easy way with #FOIAFacelift

Redact yourself the easy way with #FOIAFacelift

Celebrate Sunshine Week with a bit of cheeky opacity

Ever wonder what your FBI file would look like? Want to share your wild (socially distanced) weekend pics without leaving too much incriminating evidence for potential future employers? We’ve got you covered with FOIA Facelift, our new tool that FOIA-ifies your personal photos in seconds instead of months.

Developed by DocumentCloud developer Dylan Freedman, FOIA Facelift mimics the trademark style mastered by FOIA offices everywhere, a mix of bad photocopying, broad redactions, and a whiff of bureaucratic je ne sais quoi.

And if you want to compare your creations to the real things, be sure to check out our trove of FBI files, as well our interview with Brad Heath who has netted some of the most iconic redacted party photos we’ve ever seen. When you’re ready to file your own request — and push back on these kinds of redactions — be sure to stop by our FOIA 101 resources for everything from getting started guides to advanced appeal techniques.

Share your favorites with the hashtag #FOIAFacelift. Note that all image processing is done your device — we only like collecting government documents, not your personal photos.