How much is America spending on racist statues?

How much is America spending on racist statues?

MuckRock is launching a crowdsourced project to find out exactly how much monuments and memorials to racists are costing your town

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Debates across the United States, including in New Orleans and Virginia, over the removal of memorials to the Confederacy or post-war racist groups, have drawn attention to the continued existence of memorials and monuments honoring supporters of slavery and racial subjugation. They have also drawn attention to the fact that many states and municipalities pay to maintain monuments to racists.

But just how much are these monuments costing governments?

MuckRock is asking you to submit examples of the most racist memorials and monuments in the country. We’ll follow up by submitting records requests that will help us find out exactly how much time and energy local, state, and federal agencies devote to upkeep, which you can then track on our upcoming project page.

Submit your nominations below via the form below:

Image by Brent More via Flickr and licensed under Creative Commons.