CIA made officers spend Valentine’s Day at a staff retreat

In lieu of an evening with loved ones, spies were treated to happy hour and a movie screening

Written by JPat Brown
Edited by Michael Morisy

In the early ’70s, in the wake of ongoing controversy in Vietnam and increased public scrutiny, the CIA found itself facing a morale crisis. And as records released through CREST reveal, the Agency turned to a solution that should be familiar to anybody who’s worked in an office environment - a mandatory corporate retreat.

Phase II of the “Midcareer Course” took place from February 4th to 21st, which means it took Agency officials away from loved ones on a very special date - Valentine’s Day.

Perhaps understanding that this might be a bit counterproductive towards the goal of improving morale, the Agency did offer a non-mandatory movie screening …

and a “free evening,” which was clearly Agency code for getting crunk.

The full “midcareer course” listing is embedded below.

Image via CIA Flickr