Donating to MuckRock needn’t take any money at all

Donating to MuckRock needn’t take any money at all

This holiday season, help our investigative reporting by contributing to one of our crowdsourced projects

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If you find yourself reflecting, this holiday season, upon the trials of those less fortunate than yourself, please consider taking a simple step toward bringing those circumstances to the fore by submitting a suggestion to one of MuckRock’s crowdsourced investigations.

We currently have a number of open calls for your feedback on issues from sexual assault prosecution to the outlandish pricing of prison communications. We’re hoping to hear from you about where we should be asking for policies on social media surveillance and what you’ve learned about Amazon’s big search for a headquarters near you. Your interest and feedback are essential to our mission of bringing government transparency and accountability to the world and your hometown.

Please help - at absolutely no cost to you - by passing along your town or tip via one of the forms below.

America Bids on Amazon

Private Prison Project

Municipal Contracting

Municipal investments

The Sexual Assault Evidence Collection Project

Social Media Surveillance

Social Media Retention Policies

Have something else you’d like to let us know about? Reach out iva email, on Twitter, or on Facebook.

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