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Release Notes: Enhanced project management, an easier way to count pages and other MuckRock and DocumentCloud updates

We’ve also made it easier to update or remove a saved credit card

In the last two weeks the MuckRock team released the ability to pin your projects on DocumentCloud, the ability to update your card on file without making a new purchase and several Add-On improvements including two new Add-Ons: OCR Scheduler and Page Counter.

For previous site improvements, check out all of MuckRock’s release notes, and if you’d like more frequent peaks at the latest and great, join the MuckRock Slack.


Project pinning has arrived to the DocumentCloud user interface. All of your existing projects come pinned by default to provide a consistent user experience, but you may pin and unpin projects to tidy up your sidebar at will. To view all of your projects including pinned and unpinned, click “Browse” under the “Projects” section.

Clicking browse allows you to access the projects browser, which allows you to search for particular projects in your collection as well as projects that have been shared with you.

From the project browser you may pin or unpin projects and they will appear and disappear from your sidebar. You may keep your sidebar as tidy as you wish to keep you focused only on the investigations you are currently invested in.

A screenshot of DocumentCloud Project Manager

DocumentCloud Add-Ons

The Azure Document Intelligence, Google Cloud Vision and docTR OCR Add-Ons all have options now which allow you to tag your documents as you apply OCR to the documents, to keep track of the OCR engines you’ve used on which documents.

Users who want to apply OCR to large document sets can now use a new Add-On called OCR Scheduler, which allows you to select which engine you want to use, how many documents you want to OCR each round and how often you want them to be OCR’d until there are no more documents left. Documents OCR’d with the OCR Scheduler get tagged automatically with the ocr:engine_name key value pair for tracking.

The Bulk Delete Tags Add-On now allows you to bulk delete specific tag values from your document collection, instead of removing all tags or only select key/value pairs.

You may still opt to delete specific key/value pairs by the key name or clear all of the tags on the document by selecting the checkbox and keeping the key name as _tag.

The new Page Counter Add-On does one simple thing: count up all of the pages in a particular document set.

We ran it on this large set of over 4,700 documents and learned that the collection contained over 85,000 pages.

MuckRock Accounts

For MuckRock and DocumentCloud users, you may now add a credit card to your account without having to make a new purchase or upgrading your plan. Head to your payments page and see your current card on file. From there, you can remove the current card on file or add a new one. Your current card will appear with an x and the last four digits of the card number in this view.

A screenshot of the interface to add or remove a credit card from your account