Release Notes: Contributing to MuckRock's open source efforts

Learn how to get started with contributing to MuckRock and FOIA Machine source code or just take a peek under the hood at how the site operates as well as the newest features.

MuckRock is open source software, meaning anyone can freely inspect, modify, and run the software themselves. It also means that you can help develop the site by contributing new features, bug fixes, and suggestions. This project explains how, while also providing a starting point for new contributors.


If you’d like to help us continue making improvements like these in the future, there are lots of ways to help out.

If you find a bug you can email us directly or open an issue on GitHub.

If you do the latter, please search open issues first to make sure it hasn’t already been reported. If it has been reported previously, please leave an additional comment letting us know it’s an issue for you, particularly if you can provide more details about when it crops up or what you think is causing the problem.

For those who want to contribute design, code, or otherwise more directly to the site, we have a developer channel on the MuckRock Slack. Once you’re on the Slack, just drop a message in #Intros asking to be added to the #developers channel.

Code for Boston

MuckRock is a part of Code for Boston’s weekly hack nights, which take place Tuesday evenings in Kendall Square. We might not make it to every one of them, so if you want to meet up there it’s a good idea to check in on Slack or email first.

In particular, we’re looking for designers who are interested in helping us find ways to make all of our tools and data more accessible and more fun to use. We’ve got a relatively simple front-end stack, so if you’re interested in helping hundreds of thousands of people better understand public records and the importance of transparency, please get in touch!

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Release Notes: Knight Election Hub, more OCR tools and expanded raw email access

Over the past few weeks, the MuckRock tech team has focused on several key updates and additions. These include the development of the Knight Election Hub, which offers vital resources to U.S. newsrooms for comprehensive coverage of the 2024 elections.

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Search across almost 170,000 requests via MuckRock’s expanded FOIA Log Explorer

Over the last few weeks, we have been hard at work on a range of improvements to MuckRock and DocumentCloud, but FOIA fans have something special to celebrate: We’ve imported many of the requests from FOIAonline into a searchable database which allows you to filter, browse and even re-request almost 170,000 requests with just a few clicks.

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Release Notes: More information when scheduled Add-Ons stop working

Release Notes: More information when scheduled Add-Ons stop working

DocumentCloud now allows Add-On developers to customize the emails sent when a scheduled run fails, making it easier to understand why something stopped working and potentially fix it. The Regex Extractor Add-On now enables tagging documents when a matching regular expression is found, opening up new ways to sort and filter large document collections with ease.

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