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A picture of a collection of books, organized by color on green square shelves.

Release Notes: Enhanced project management, an easier way to count pages and other MuckRock and DocumentCloud updates

In the last two weeks the MuckRock team released the ability to pin your projects on DocumentCloud, the ability to update your card on file without making a new purchase and several Add-On improvements including two new Add-Ons: OCR Scheduler and Page Counter.

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Documents on a blue background

Build a searchable collection of local campaign finance reports with DocumentCloud

At NICAR 2024, University of Texas students demonstrated their use of DocumentCloud to compile local campaign finance reports, overcoming challenges with the use of enhanced OCR and categorizing their documents with tagging.

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Screenshot of FOIA log explorer page

Release Notes: Table Extraction Add-Ons, FOIA Log Explorer and DocumentCloud Search Improvements

We’ve launched several improvements over the last two weeks, including a few new DocumentCloud Add-Ons to help you extract tables from your documents and boosted DocumentCloud search stability. MuckRock’s FOIA Log Explorer now has agency cards, which provide you with more detail about each agency’s logs.

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A screenshot of DocumentCloud's new revision control tool, that lets you download older versions of a document.

Release Notes: Document revision control, improved free transcription tools, and other improvements

DocumentCloud premium users can now utilize revision control to store document changes and easily retrieve previous versions. The platform’s sidebar has undergone a redesign, while additional improvements include dropdown menu support in Add-Ons and the ability to select which Whisper model you would like to use with the Transcribe Audio Add-On.

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A small green robot, overlooking some paperwork, perhaps about to file a FOIA request. Cut off is a larger red robot standing next to it, perhaps getting ready to file a FOIA appeal.

Release Notes: Summarize with AI, automate your FOIAs and more

DocumentCloud gets a new and improved GPT 3.5 Turbo Add-On; MuckRock and Accounts get more concise 403 pages; a new DocumentCloud Python library is released and community members release two new MuckRock tools.

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