Welcome to Twitter, @CIA. Now start using email.

Welcome to Twitter, @CIA. Now start using email.

For America’s “first line of defense,” fax shouldn’t be the fastest way to get answers

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For over a year now, the CIA has been on Twitter, having kicked things off with a witty first tweet.

But the agency - which on its own site brags of “technology so advanced, it’s classified” …

still refuses to accept emailed FOIA requests, relying on an ancient fax machine and the US Postal Service.

Even those who do those who do fax or snail mail their queries are met with infuriating non-responses, such as requiring requesters to “reasonably describe” emails by providing their to, from, and subject line, or needlessly redacting public information, leading to releases with less information than we had in the first place. All of which makes a little bit more sense when you find out the agency makes its FOIA officers pay for their own coffee.

Oh, and that fax machine? It has a nasty habit of being turning off. So maybe now, as the CIA explores uncharted technological territory in its social media outreach … it might be the time to take another look at email.

Or they could just post some cat photos.

Image via @CIA