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Boston Police release arrest reports from August’s Free Speech Rally

Back in August, a handful of Nazis, White Supremacists, and “free speech advocates” came to Boston, where they were met by tens of thousands of counter-protesters. While the crowd was huge, only 33 people were arrested. And according to recently released incident reports, at least one of those was a photojournalist who tripped up a cop who might have taken the training wheels off too soon.

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FBI investigated Gonzo godfather Warren Hinckle over IRA ties

After decades as a West Coast leftist, Ramparts editor Warren Hinckle finally landed a place in the FBI’s files after his magazine ran a pro-IRA ad and credited a Michigan Senator for its creation.

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Former CIA Director compared prosecuting leakers under the Espionage Act to “driving tacks with a sledge hammer”

Just months before the government’s first successful use of the Espionage Act against someone for leaking to the media, a declassified report written by then-Central Intelligence Agency Director William Casey argued that just such an act would be irresponsible.

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The Enduring Octopus: What FOIA withholdings reveal about the PROMIS scandal Part 2

According to the Department of Justice, not only is some material on the PROMIS affair being withheld to protect wiretap information, the FBI’s material is also being withheld to protect the Intelligence Community’s sources and methods, except where it was lost or destroyed as so often happens with files relating to the PROMIS scandal. In addition, the DOJ also positively affirmed that as of earlier this year, the FBI had an open investigation relating to PROMIS while hinting that part of it remains “pending” even now.

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The Enduring Octopus: What FOIA withholdings reveal about the PROMIS scandal Part 1

Over two decades after Danny Casolaro died while investigating the PROMIS affair, a recent FOIA response from the National Archives confirms that it truly is “the scandal that wouldn’t die.” Where a previous release saw only 4% of the total redacted and nothing withheld in full, this release sees 23% of the pages redacted or withheld in full. The letter from the Archives’ suggests that the difference is due to the presence of wiretap information in the Casolaro investigation, a fact which has been previously undisclosed by the government.

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