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Ernest Hemingway, the FBI, and the aborted duel

FBI files on Ernest Hemingway document the author’s late-life feud with a New Zealand journalist in Cuba that apparently came close to causing an international incident - and led to the 55-year old Hemingway being challenged to a duel.

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The Vanishing Octopus: Justice Department changes the FBI’s story on Danny Casolaro’s file

The Department of Justice appears to have retroactively declared that 98% of the FBI file on the journalist Danny Casolaro was and still is missing, despite the FBI seeming to say they had found it.

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The CIA’s private press pool was a secret even inside the Agency

On September 17th in 1965, an odd memo was sent within the CIA praising nearly a decade’s worth of unofficial briefings with the press. Seemingly out of the blue, numerous contacts between Ray Cline, CIA’s Deputy Director for Intelligence, and the press were suddenly admitted and enumerated. When the memo was first discovered, it was unclear what prompted it, however another, recently unearthed memo implies that it came about because of a threat from a member of the Agency’s private press pool.

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One of the CIA’s private press contacts was a suspected Soviet spy

As previously discussed, senior CIA analyst Ray Cline covertly accumulated a number of press contacts whom he provided information to in order to ‘improve rapport, understanding and the Agency’s public image.’ While some of the people on the list were well credentialed and had pasts or futures associated with the U.S. Intelligence Community, documents reveal that at least one of the press contacts briefed by Ray Cline was a suspected foreign agent.

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Journalists are getting arrested for doing their jobs, and the paper trail is sketchy

From a reporter in West Virginia getting arrested for “aggressive questioning” to an independent journalist facing 70 years in prison for documenting the inauguration protests, members of the press are facing legal consequences for doing their jobs - and the police’s paper trail just doesn’t add up.

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