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Watch an outtake from Lake County Sheriff’s Office’s infamous heroin video

Shortly after a video started making the rounds of a Sheriff Peyton Grinnel from Florida’s Lake County swearing vengeance upon drug dealers while flanked by mask-clad deputies, Tony Webster filed a request for the unedited footage. That was released this week, and between a couple mic checks and the final cut, there’s a pretty amazing b-roll.

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The strange death, and even stranger life of “Cocaine Cowboy” Andrew Carter Thornton II

Andrew Carter Thornton II (ACT II) is a name unknown to most except as a piece of historical trivia - the man who fell from the sky in 1985 with millions of dollars of cocaine strapped to his body. To a few others, he’s one of the men tied to a drug operation that was fueling and fueled by government corruption, whose roots were traced as far as the Kentucky Governor’s mansion. But reality, revealed through his FBI file, is even stranger, tracing the corruption surrounding ACT II all the way back to the CIA.

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Government-owned cannabinoid patent not enough to convince DEA of marijuana’s medical use

Is taking out a patent on the medical uses of marijuana’s primary drug component an acknowledgement that, yes, marijuana has some health-beneficial effects? Not according to the DEA.

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Noted privacy enthusiasts at the DEA redact name of internationally infamous drug lord

When they’re not raiding medicinal marijuana dispensaries or trying to ban plants, the DEA are staunch advocates of an individual’s right to privacy … just so long as that individual also happens to be a notorious gang leader and head of a international drug ring.

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Despite legalization, D.C. Police arrest hundreds on weed consumption charges each year - overwhelmingly African Americans

Recently-released numbers on marijuana-related arrests provided by the Washington D.C. Metropolitan Police Department present a stark racial disparity in the allocation of weed-associated charges made by the department.

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