Watch an outtake from Lake County Sheriff's Office's infamous heroin video

Watch an outtake from Lake County Sheriff’s Office’s infamous heroin video

LCSO apparently felt the language in “blows your fricking front door off its hinges” was too harsh

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Edited by Michael Morisy

Shortly after a video started making the rounds of Sheriff Peyton Grinnel from Florida’s Lake County swearing vengeance upon drug dealers while flanked by mask-clad deputies, Tony Webster filed a request for the unedited footage. That was released this week, and between a couple mic checks and the final cut, there’s pretty amazing b-roll.

A few quick observations:

  • It’s unclear if the deputies were a last minute addition or they just didn’t want to break Grinnel’s flow, but it’s pretty lonely without them at that podium
  • Tellingly, “fricking’” didn’t make the final cut
  • PROTIP: Before you tell people to “run,” make sure to unattach yourself from anything that will make it impossible to chase them

Or, if you prefer your schadenfreude in .gif form …

You can download the video via Dropbox on the request page.