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From the Pentagon to the Police: The 1033 Project

As we saw in Ferguson, and most recently in Dallas and Baton Rouge, every day American police look less like a neighborhood watch and more like a paramilitary force. Here's how and why that happened.

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Police departments across the country are spending millions on riot gear

We’ve all seen the lines of police at protests donning head to toe armor, batons and/or launchers at the ready, glowering down at protesters through face shields. But how much does all that gear cost? According to the early returns on riot gear budgeting requests we have been filing, quite a lot.

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Infamous law enforcement trainer Dave Grossman is bringing “Killology” to hospitals and high schools

Over the course of the last twenty years, retired Lieutenant Colonel Dave Grossman has risen to become the go-to expert for US law enforcement, traveling across the country giving seminars to police and sheriff’s deputies through his incredibly-named Killology Research Group. Records regarding one such training show Grossman’s interest in branching out, bringing “the Bulletproof Mind” to hospitals and high schools.

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Watch an outtake from Lake County Sheriff’s Office’s infamous heroin video

Shortly after a video started making the rounds of a Sheriff Peyton Grinnel from Florida’s Lake County swearing vengeance upon drug dealers while flanked by mask-clad deputies, Tony Webster filed a request for the unedited footage. That was released this week, and between a couple mic checks and the final cut, there’s a pretty amazing b-roll.

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Apparently you can FOIA Guam

As part of a project to determine how much training came with the military gear the Pentagon was handing out to police departments, Dan Welch sent public records requests to all 50 states - and, for the heck of it, Guam. To our surprise, not only did the Guam Police Department respond, but they provided one of the most comprehensive releases.

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Indiana reveals the arsenal they brought with them to Standing Rock

The Indiana Department of Homeland Security has provided us with a remarkably unredacted look at the agreement they signed with North Dakota to send officers to help suppress Standing Rock protests, including a detailed breakdown of the $277 thousand in law enforcement equipment they brought with them.

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