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Even amid emerging white supremacist threat, Homeland Security is still caught up on leftist groups

With the resurgence of the American left, we wanted to see whether or not any agencies were tracking the 2017 May Day demonstrations. Documents we received from the Department of Homeland Security’s Office of Intelligence and Analysis show that Antifa was specifically targeted and that DHS was sourcing its intelligence from a white supremacist website called “Occidental Dissent.”

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Police departments across the country are spending millions on riot gear

We’ve all seen the lines of police at protests donning head to toe armor, batons and/or launchers at the ready, glowering down at protesters through face shields. But how much does all that gear cost? According to the early returns on riot gear budgeting requests we have been filing, quite a lot.

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Five law enforcement agencies that don’t want you looking at their protest records

In trying to learn more about how police respond to demonstrations, MuckRock has been consistently met with exemptions and pushback, often with entire records releases being denied. Let us curate the five worst examples of this we have come across in the last few months.

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How’s my Intelligence? The FBI’s customer satisfaction survey

As we mentioned last week, MuckRock user Evan Anderson recently received a cache of documents related to the Austin Regional Intelligence Center, providing invaluable insight into how the Federal government works with local law enforcement to wage the war on terror. Among these revelations: the FBI really wants a moment of your time to fill out this quick survey.

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How Austin, TX almost purchased its first drone

Over a span of almost nine months, the Austin, TX police department pursued plans to lease an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), only to kill the program suddenly. Revealed in documents obtained as part of the Electronic Frontier Foundation and MuckRock’s Drone Census, we get an agency-eye view of the process required to go from conception to (almost) kickstarting a UAV program.

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