This is a Public Health Issue: The Gun Violence Project

If the federal government can’t treat gun violence as a public health problem, then we will.

A 1996 amendment banning the CDC from using funds to “advocate or promote gun control” has been an oft-cited obstacle in making gun violence a public health issue. Lack of official knowledge on the topic has policy makers and medical professionals unable to effectively do their jobs. The Supreme Court recently ruled that domestic violence convictions are grounds for banning them from possessing a firearm - but this does not change laws … it only means that we could. In order for such changes to be made, we first need to understand the climate surrounding gun usage in society, as well as understand how we currently consider it.

By examining firearms policies at all levels, sale and purchase of firearms and data on issuance and revocation of firearms, we can begin to understand what does and doesn’t work and what we need to do better. Information doesn’t have to harm society, but lack of it probably will.

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Suicides are often missing from gun violence data

When it comes the debate around to gun violence, we’re bombarded by tragedies like Columbine, Sandy Hook, San Bernardino, the list goes on. But framing the issue around mass shootings misses a crucial point: guns are not only being used to kill other people. Overwhelmingly, they’re being used by people ending their own lives.

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You might not need a background check if the gun is old enough

Under federal law, firearms that are 50 years old and over are classified as a “curio and relic,” and do not require an NCIS background check. However, these weapons are still used in crimes.

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The gunshine state: nobody knows how many firearms are in Florida

Florida law does not require licensing of firearm purchasers or registration of the weapons, only mandating that concealed weapons must be permitted. This means data is only kept for concealed firearms, which means nobody really knows how many unconcealed firearms there are.

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50 state census shows huge gaps in gun data

Eight months ago, MuckRock launched a new project to examine nationwide gun policies. It was a simple premise: file the same FOIA request with all 50 Attorney General offices and state police departments, and see what standards we can draw. What we got, however, illustrates just how little consistency in the data there is - and how difficult tackling this problem can be.

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Veto override on Missouri gun bill extends access to concealed weapons

Missouri State Congress overrode the veto on Senate Bill SB656 last Wednesday with a Republican supermajority, eliminating previously-required training to obtain concealed carry permits and strengthening the right to use force in situations where an individual fears for one’s safety. It’s unclear how the new law will affect concealed carry reciprocity agreements with other states.

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Georgia releases 2015 data on firearm-related incidents

Recently-released data from the Georgia Bureau of Investigation emphasizes high rates of urban gun violence, but rural numbers still contribute a majority of crimes.

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Pulling the trigger: announcing a project to look at gun policies nationwide

A federal provision has practically knee-capped research into the violent uses of guns. So if the federal government can’t treat gun violence as a public health problem, then we will.

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