Who serves the soda at your school?

Who serves the soda at your school?

Over 60 colleges have responded to our request for Coca-Cola and Pepsi “pouring rights” contracts

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Sprite or 7-Up? Powerade or Gatorade? Surge or Mountain Dew?

The options you have at your college’s fountain machine are usually determined by a contract with one of the two big names in beverages: Coca-Cola or Pepsi.

Over the summer, MuckRock began requesting the agreements setting rules for on-campus soda pop consumption and signage, and we asked you to help us out by submitting the name of your school. Since then, over 60 of our requests have been completed, and we’ve submitted dozens more based on your suggestions.

Check out the map below to see how things have shaken out thus far.

  • Large blue - Pepsi

  • Large red - Coca-Cola

  • Large green - N/A

  • Large purple - Both

Don’t see your school on the map? Let us know where we should look via the form below.

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