Submit your school for our Coke and Pepsi college contract collection

Submit your school for our Coke and Pepsi college contract collection

Is your university getting more than soda from the Big Two beverage companies?

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Coke or Pepsi?

For university students nationwide, this is a cafeteria question decided by pricey contracts, an answer touted on tours as a perk for prospective attendees. Last week, MuckRock took a look at some of the finer details in these agreements as they exist in contracts with major public universities in all 50 states.

Wouldn’t you like to know what else is coming along with those “exclusive pouring rights” being bought up by the biggest names in beverages? Is there a strict student-to-vending machine ratio like the one had by Louisiana State University? Are students guaranteed a certain number of internships? Has the college owned its responsibility to society over the practices of the “pouring” companies?

Well, we want to expand our survey to your school, too. Help us out by sending us the name of a public college or university, and we’ll submit a request for its alliance in the Battle of the Colas.

Take a look at the existing requests via the map below, the submit using the form.

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  • No responsive documents - Small red

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Image by Andrew Filer via Wikimedia Commons and is liscended under CC BY-SA 2.0