Cooking with FOIA: The CIA's classified crab dip

Cooking with FOIA: The CIA’s classified crab dip

Agency kept recipe a national security secret for over 30 years

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Edited by Beryl Lipton

In the mid ’70s, then-Director of Central Intelligence George H. W. Bush was asked in a letter by the Houston, Texas chapter of the Knights of Columbus if he’d be willing to write a short article on the subject of the upcoming U.S. Bicentennial for their monthly newsletter. A copy of said newsletter was included, which is how the May 1976 edition of “The Challenger” …

- including its recipe for crabmeat au gratin -

ended up classified as a national security secret for over 30 years.

This wasn’t even the Central Intelligence Agency’s most incredible crustacean-related classification - ten years later, the Agency would classify an article on the “Crab International Association”

for no other reason than that they shared the acronym.

Read the full newsletter embedded below.

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