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CIA created “pseudo-marijuana” for a presentation on drug abuse

According to declassified meeting minutes from 1972 and an old article saved by CIA, the Agency’s Office of Medical Services had a drug abuse booth “originally created by CIA doctors for parents who work for the agency” - including a sniffable bag of “pseudo-marijuana.”

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The second-best disinfectant: FOIA-inspired cocktails

Holding the government accountable is thirsty work. Which is why to close out Sunshine Week, MuckRock put together this list of transparency-inspired tipples to make those GLOMAR rejections go down smoother.

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Cooking with FOIA: The CIA’s declassified desserts

A considerable chunk of the CIA’s declassified archives consists of newspaper and magazine clippings. Some are stories relevant to Agency interest, others - typically critical - concern the CIA directly, and then there’s the ones that don’t immediately make sense - like cookie recipes.

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