"If You Don't Know, We'll Find Out" and other rejected CIA party themes

“If You Don’t Know, We’ll Find Out” and other rejected CIA party themes

Agency’s 40th anniversary celebration considered such slogans as “Ever Vigilant, Always There” and “We Have Met The Enemy, And He Is Still There”

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Edited by Michael Morisy

Planning materials for the CIA’s 40th anniversary celebration released as part of the CREST database include a list of potential party themes and slogans. And while most of them are fairly straightforward, a few stand out as downright bizarre.

A hand-written note at the bottom of the page reads “I like #10,” so it sounds as if they went for the rather safe (if a bit dull) “The CIA Experience - 40 Years In Service To America.”

With the Agency’s 70th coming up, we look forward to finding out what theme they chose for this year’s celebration - which should be declassified around 2042, just a few years before their centennial. Hey, as they said: “They Look To The Future.”

The full planning materials are embedded below.

Image via Wikimedia Commons