Follow our request for footage of this weekend's counterprotest on the Boston Common

Follow our request for footage of this weekend’s counterprotest on the Boston Common

Boston Police deployed hundreds of officers to protect demonstrators on both sides.

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On Saturday, thousands and thousands of people poured through the streets of Boston in response to a planned “Free Speech” rally on Boston Common, an event that was associated with white supremacist arguments and the violence of Charlottesville’s recent Unite the Right rally.

The originally planned event ultimately ended early, and the Boston Police Department, which deployed approximately 500 officers in preparation for the event, was lauded for its demeanor and diligence in ensuring a safe environment. Though there were arrests, the day transpired in relative calm.

Police departments will often capture their own video footage of these events, and MuckRock is curious to see what materials will be available after the most recent protests. Earlier requests regarding marches related to Black Lives Matter turned up hours of interesting scenes shot by officers on the ground and in buildings around the Common.

We’ve submitted a new request for the most recent materials, which you can now follow from the request page.

Image by @BostonPolice