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Keep Calm and ███████:the CIA's declassified OpSec posters

Keep Calm and ███████:the CIA’s declassified OpSec posters

In 1973, still coming down from the harshed mellow of Watergate, a Central Intelligence Agency officer came up with what they felt would be the perfect solution to lagging morale and lackluster operation security: a motivational poster contest. The results, apparently produced in-house, were exceedingly a product of a their time and environment - and are now available for you desktop wallpaper needs.

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NSA's contract with VUPEN, 'Darth Vader of Cybersecurity'

NSA’s contract with VUPEN, ‘Darth Vader of Cybersecurity’

Documents requested by Heather Akers-Healy from the National Security Agency show it had a contract with the French security researcher VUPEN, whose founder and CEO Chaouki Bekrar puckishly touts himself as the ‘Darth Vader of Cybersecurity.”

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