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Washington insider wanted J. Edgar Hoover to leverage his friendship with Walt Disney so he’d produce religious cartoons

As we’ve written before, Walt Disney and J. Edgar Hoover enjoyed a decades-long professional and person friendship, with fringe benefits including union busting and free admission to Disneyland for FBI Agents. There were downsides, however - such as when one unnamed DC insider tried to leverage the Director’s relationship to pressure Disney into making religious cartoons.

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CIA considered working with the creator of “Dragnet” on a TV show about the CIA

In 1982, former CIA Director Richard Helms was approached by Dragnet creator Jack Webb about a possible TV show regarding the Agency. Like Dragnet, which, it would focus on realism, and would be at least inspired by, if not based on, events that had happened.

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UNC-Chapel Hill won a $866 thousand grant to produce counter-jihadist propaganda for Homeland Security

In the last days of Obama’s presidency, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill won a grant worth $866,687 under the Department of Homeland Security’s Countering Violent Extremism initiative to produce counter-jihadist propaganda. According to the proposal, the University will invest the money in hiring 36 undergraduate students with a background in “study of jihadist messaging strategies, video game design, and media production.”

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The FBI spent $650k on its anti-spying short film “Game of Pawns”

Earlier this year, the FBI released “Game of Pawns” a short film dramatizing the Glenn Duffie Shriver espionage case. The film’s awkward dialogue and low production value drew some jeers, pointing out that their “downtown Shanghai” was clearly filmed outside the DC Chinatown Metro stop. Despite its cheap feel, the project still cost the agency at least $650,000 - almost ten times the amount Shriver was paid by the Chinese government.

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