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Requester’s Voice: Kevin Poulsen

Kevin Poulsen, the news editor at WIRED.com, is currently front and center in one of the higher profile Freedom of Information Act lawsuits currently under way: The fight to have transparency activist Aaron Swartz’s Secret Service files released. In this week’s Requester’s Voice, Poulsen explains how WIRED uses public records to get the “big ones,” why leakers are the new FOIA and what’s next in the fight for Swartz’s files.

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Will Secret Service release its Aaron Swartz files to all requesters?

WIRED editor Kevin Poulsen just won a tedious FOIA battle of attrition with the Secret Service over their file on activist Aaron Swartz. So will the rest of us get the docs?

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The FBI couldn’t figure out how Aaron Swartz did what he did

The FBI has released its file on the late transparency activist Aaron Swartz. The files make no mention of his alleged intrusion into the JSTOR academic journal system, for which Aaron was facing criminal charges when he ended his life. Instead, the 21-page file mostly focuses on Swartz’s bulk download of PACER records - and the FBI’s inability to understand how he was doing it.

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To honor Aaron Swartz‘s transparency fight, supporters submit over 150 public records requests

MuckRock has begun processing 153 free FOIA requests submitted in honor of Internet pioneer and transparency activist Aaron Swartz, who died earlier this month at age 26.

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In Remembrance: Aaron Swartz, 1986 - 2013

MuckRock has lost a beloved user, a mentor, and friend, and the world has lost one of its great spirits with the death of Aaron Swartz. He had the audacious beliefs that people should be able to read the laws that governed them, that a government by the people and for the people should be held accountable to the people, and that a robust public commons was a right, and not a privilege to be revoked.

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