Your help is vital to MuckRock’s project on algorithmic accountability

Your help is vital to MuckRock’s project on algorithmic accountability

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Algorithms and artificial intelligence are playing an ever-increasing role in the lives of all Americans.

Across departments, sectors, and industries, they are being used by government agencies to inform decisions in criminal justice, education, healthcare, housing, infrastructure, transportation, urban planning, and warfare.

MuckRock, in collaboration with the the Rutgers Institute for Information Policy and Law (RIIPL), is building a catalogue of the algorithms and AI being considered, used, and regulated by local, state, and federal governments.

Your help is vital to our effort and only needs to take a few minutes!

Please contribute your news about algorithmic developments by using the Algorithmic Control MuckRock Assignment, embedded below.

Algorithm usage can manifest itself in a developing number of ways, such as:

• the toll road that features congestion pricing

• the school board considering a computer-based evaluation of the district’s teachers

• housing resources are allocated or denied through the discretion of an automated eligibility system

• the local police department that uses predictive policing software to assign patrols or persons of interest

• the local court evaluation of individuals by using a score to indicate the risk of committing another crime

• the Sheriff’s Department’s application of facial recognition to public video footage to track down leads

We are also tracking government efforts to improve or potentially hinder the inequitable and transparent use of these technologies. If your local legislature, city council, or another regulating body are considering rules around algorithm or AI use, we want to hear about it.

Over the last three months, MuckRock has looked at algorithmic developments in academia, the smart city movement, national criminal justice, Idaho law, and policing.

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