How to help the Private Prison Project

How to help the Private Prison Project

Looking for ways to bring accountability to private prisons? Get in touch!

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There are over a hundred thousand people being held in private prisons in the U.S. Though mandatory regulations and inspections for prison facilities help to keep them in check, the failings of the for-profit prison industry - in healthcare, over-crowding, and cost - have been consistent and controversial. That’s why we need all the help we can get to gather facts, experiences, photos, and feedback.

You can do that easily via the form below. No need to fill out every bit (though we love to have as much information as possible!) But do, please, contribute. Sign up for the mailing list. Let us know that a new prison is opening near you. Send us a link to a news article. And share the Project with your friends!

Don’t have any feedback but still want to help. Consider donating to the Private Prison Project! A little can go a long way toward bringing awareness and accountability to an industry driven by the incarceration of individuals.

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