ODNI claims it can't find evidence of Trump investigation that clearly exists

ODNI claims it can’t find evidence of Trump investigation that clearly exists

Agency’s “thorough search” turns up less than a Google search

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Back in March, Emma Best made the following request to the Office of the Director of National Intelligence:

Copies of written requests (whether issued internally, by other Agencies or Congress) for investigations or reports relating to Donald J. Trump , his campaign or his Presidential Transition Team from January 20, 2017 through the date of the processing of the search. Please interpret this FOIA to include requests for comments on other reports or investigations. Note that I am not asking for responses to these requests, or details about the existence or non-existence of any such investigations.

Just this week, the ODNI responded, saying that after a “thorough search,” it couldn’t find any.

Which is strange, because as a simple Google search will show, that’s simply not possible. Here’s one, for starters:

While it’s possible that the ODNI simply has a different defition of “thorough” than most, as Emma notes in her appeal, this …

or this deeply uncomfortable video …

might have something to do with it. Follow the request for updates as the story develops.

Image via ODNI Flickr