Over 250 agencies have been added to our social media surveillance survey

Your contribution is essential to creating a nationwide database of online policies

Written by Beryl Lipton
Edited by JPat Brown

As law enforcement increasingly turn to Internet - to track suspects, to identify new targets, or just to vent their own opinions - MuckRock is creating its own collection of the policies and protocols that govern the extension of police jurisdiction into the cyber realm.

People from all over the country have submitted their local and state departments to our survey, but even with 263 submissions to unique locales nationwide, these engagements represent just over 1% of all law enforcement agencies across the country.

Think your department doesn’t matter that much? With big data companies looking to sell their wares to any agency that has a budget - and even those that don’t - each one is a potential customer, each one is a potential place in need of oversight. Even if you have nothing but warm feelings toward your community’s cops, your interest remains an essential component to demanding those open channels stay that way.

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Image via Pexels