Five of the strangest moments from the National Archives' cartoon collection

Five of the strangest moments from the National Archives’ cartoon collection

Explore over a century of unnerving animation on NARA’s YouTube channel

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Edited by Beryl Lipton

Amid literally hundreds of government films preserved by the US National Archives are several cartoons. Some are good, some are bad, and a select few defy all rational explanation.

Here are our favorite clips from that last category.

1. The Kaiser gets eaten by a sea monster - “Food Conservation”

2. Ghost rabbit stampede - “Curious Alice, 1971”

3. Humans don’t nod like this - School for Assassins

4. Nazi boobs - “Spies — Private SNAFU”

5. The whole damn thing - “200”

Bonus: Wendigo - Smokey Bear Fire Prevention Public Service Announcements (PSA), 1971 - 1985

Image via US National Archives