Alabama agency charges $25 "processing fee" before they'll accept a public records request

Alabama agency charges $25 “processing fee” before they’ll accept a public records request

AL Department of Corrections heard you like FOIA fees …

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Fees, bane of the FOIA requester’s existence, are an unfortunate everyday hurdle in the fight for the freedom of information. But some states go beyond the common reimbursements that agencies - local to federal - levy against individuals for the costs of copies or the self-determined hours of disruption caused by searching.

Alabama, for one, and its Attorney General are of the opinion that agencies may charge reasonable fees associated with search…

… allowing its agencies to preemptively assess the financial burden associated with beginning a search at all.

And while some agencies don’t choose to utilize an initial fee or even the requester residency requirement written into the State’s law…

… the State’s Department of Corrections, for one, uses the provision to wage a initial fee for every request at whopping $25 a pop.

A hefty processing fee up front coupled with the agency-dictated necessity of a specific form …

and the possibility of getting slapped with the residency restriction? That’s just the sort of knot of deterrents we hate to see.

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