Read records related to the “Serial” investigation you helped release

Investigator in charge of the Holland murder was later assigned Hae Min Lee missing person case

Written by JPat Brown

Back in July, Brendan Kenny successfully crowdfunded the release of records connected with the Hae Min Lee murder case featured in season 1 of Serial. Just last week, those records came in, and you can read them below.

As Brendan explained in his crowdfund:

This is a request for records connected with the Hae Min Lee murder case. In 2000, Adnan Syed was convicted of murdering her. One of the main investigators in the Baltimore County Police missing-person investigation was also involved in the Francesca Ann Holland murder investigation in 1997.

Ms. Holland was found strangled in the trunk of her car. Her Muslim husband was convicted of murdering her. My hope is that the records from the Holland investigation will shed some light on how investigators and prosecutors developed their narrative in the Adnan Syed case.

The first of the three files is embedded below, and you can read the rest on the request page.

Image via Wikimedia Commons