"This is offencive." Inside Amy Schumer FCC complaints

“This is offencive.” Inside Amy Schumer FCC complaints

Despite her best efforts, comedian’s show only racked up three complaints

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Last year, Emily Hopkins filed a FOIA with the FCC for all complaints received regarding Comedy Central’s Inside Amy Schumer. Despite the comedian’s best efforts, the FCC could only find three.

That’s counting one which explicitly stated that they weren’t mad about the show, so much as the sexy commercials.

Sexy commercials strike again!

The two complaints actually about the show were your garden variety “please think of the children” …

and a surprisingly detailed description of the infamous “Milk Milk Lemonade” sketch.

Hell of a way to interrupt Bewitched.

Also included in the release was this gripe about Sarah Silverman on SNL …

and this rather novel problem with an equally novel approach to problem solving.

The FCC probably aren’t the best people to help you with that, bud.

Read the full complaints embedded below or read all of the Inside Amy Schumer FCC complaints:

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