CIA Cafeteria Complaints II: Stale Bread Harder

CIA Cafeteria Complaints II: Stale Bread Harder

“It actually looked like melted chocolate, or something else I won’t bother mention.”

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After the tremendous response to our 2014 piece on the CIA’s cafeteria complaints, Michael Morisy immediately filed a follow-up FOIA for the most current copy. Two years and a switch to a far inferior food service contractor later, it’s finally arrived.

While most of the complaints are your standard-issue gripes about the quality of grub …

and the “chipotle prices” …

there are a few that do genuinely make the CIA cafeteria sound like a hellish place.

The outrageous pricing of bacon appears to be a consistent issue …

With one intrepid analyst even going so far as to suggest a superior system.

Which sadly appears to have fallen on deaf ears.

Much of the agency’s ire is directed directly at the food service company itself, whether it be for perceived infantilization …

their by-the-bookitude chaffing against the CIA’s propensity for loose cannons,

or most insulting of all, making them feel like they’re being interrogated, even though they didn’t do anything wrong.

Gee. That must feel terrible.

Read the full complaints embedded below or on the request page:

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