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The CIA fired “three or four” employees over a cafeteria food fight

We’ve written about the CIA’s frustrations with its cafeteria before, with grievances both petty and the stuff of nightmares. But as internal records unearthed in CREST reveal, at least once that frustration exploded into a full-on mealtime melee.

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CIA Cafeteria Complaints II: Stale Bread Harder

After the tremendous response to our piece on the CIA’s cafeteria complaints, Michael Morisy immediately filed a follow-up FOIA for the most current copy. Two years and a switch to a far inferior food service contractor later, it’s finally arrived.

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CIA cafeteria complaints document the 2014 “jazz salad incident”

In their book The Art of Access: Strategies for Acquiring Public Records, Charles Davis and David Cuillier give the example of requesting cafeteria complaints as a sort of “test” to get a feel for how an agency responds to FOIA. Jason Smathers tried this out on the CIA … and well, the rest is history.

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