The winners and losers of FOIA March Madness: Round 2

The winners and losers of FOIA March Madness: Round 2

Some surprising upsets in an unforgiving first round

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Edited by Michael Morisy

Our FOIA March(es) Madness(es) is off to an ugly start, with many top seeds eliminated before they even left the gate. See which of the 64 agencies that started are still in the running.

In a distressing number of match-ups, neither agency provided an acknowledgment or any other form of communication. In those cases, we advanced the agency that was first in alphabetical order - however, in the interest of fairness, those agencies immediately lost their next match-up, moving their competitor straight to the semi-finals.

Also, the Navy received our first disqualification so far for insisting we use we FOIAonline. Portals are an instant DQ.

There were upsets galore: The Archives, a hot pick to win the whole thing, were knocked out due to a poor early showing. The FEC, however, is looking strong going into the Semis.

Check back in next couple weeks for Semifinal results - as for myself, I had all my money on Peace Corps. I hate all of you.

So, without further delay, here’s current standings:

Admin It to Win It

(Common) Good Sports

The Protection (b)Racket

Workers’ Comp(etition)

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