It’s FOIA-nally here: the winner of FOIA March Madness 2019

It’s FOIA-nally here: the winner of FOIA March Madness 2019

Who is going to take home the title of Most Responsive Agency?

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Happy #FOIAFRIDAY, friends!

It’s been a grueling stretch since that distant day in March when we launched our fourth annual FOIA March Madness.

In the only faceoff known to the field of FOI, we pit 64 federal Freedom of Information Act offices against each other to win the ultimate prize in competitive records requesting, that most lofty label: Most Responsive Agency.

And now we’re here to let you know who will be going into the summer holding down the top spot.

When we left you last week, our field of FOIA-natics had been narrowed down to just four contenders, the top players in each bracket. Namely …

National Aeronautics and Space Administration ((Adm)in It to Win It)


Securities and Exchange Commission (Workers’ Comp(etition))

and …

Federal Election Commission (Common Good Sports)


Drug Enforcement Administration (The Protection (B)racket)

After reviewing the responses, evaluating the efforts, surveying the spreadsheets, and tallying the totals, we’re ready to announce the 2019 winner of FOIA March Madness.


🌟🌟🌟🌟 Securities and Exchange Commission 🌟🌟🌟🌟


FOIA March Madness 2019 Final Four

Congratulations to the SEC, which will get to keep the Muck Rock for the third year in a row!

Tune back in next week for our post-tournament report on all of the responses and the announcement of our winners from the audience.

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