FOIA March Madness 2016

64 federal agencies. 4 rounds. 1 winner. The CIA still hasn’t acknowledged our request. Who will be named Most Responsive FOIA Office?

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FOIA Final Four

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FOIACenter: March Madness Recap

Now that the dust has settled and the USDA has been crowned champion of our 2016 FOIA March Madness, MuckRock staff is taking a look back at how each individual bracket fared. This is FOIACenter.

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FOIA March Madness: The Final Four

Two months ago, we kicked off FOIA March Madness with 64 federal agencies. After a brutal opening round, and grueling semis, we’re down to this - the Final Four.

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FOIA March Madness: The Semi-finals

After the bloodbath of last round that separated the Junior Clerks from the Senior Information Specialists, the FOIA March Madness Semifinals turned into an all-out slugfest between some of the most responsive agencies in public records. Here’s who made it to the Final Four.

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The winners and losers of FOIA March Madness: Round 2

FOIA March Madness is off to an ugly start, with many top seeds eliminated before they even left the gate. See which of the 64 agencies that started are still in the running.

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Submit your picks for MuckRock’s FOIA March Madness

The mid-March doldrums are here, and people everywhere are caught in the throes of Madness. Some of us mean basketball. Some mean (b)5 exemptions. And, yet, not everyone can settle on or in or even anywhere near the court. Which is why this year we’ve brought that unifying tried-and-true bracket bonanza of college ball to the friendly competition of FOIA requests, and we’d like to you to play.

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