25 states covered in vanity plate rejection project

25 states covered in vanity plate rejection project

Thanks to your help, we’ve now covered half of our fifty united states

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Earlier this month MuckRock kicked off the vanity plate rejection project.

Inspired by Andrew Mickert’s request for personalized plates that the Virginia DMV felt were too hot for the highway, we invited users to make a small contribution so that MuckRock could submit to local motor vehicle departments for similar documents.

Through your contributions we covered half of the U.S., from Maine all the way to California.

As a show of thanks, we created a map where you can see the documents or track pending requests. Just click on a state to get started.

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For more information, or any ideas/projects this might have inspired, email info@muckrock.com. A special thanks to everyone who made a contribution!

Image via Wikimedia Commons and is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0