MuckRock submits third request to the NYPD over drones

With the department running out of excuses, third time might be the charm for drone docs

Written by Shawn Musgrave
Edited by JPat Brown

At a city council committee meeting last month, NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton confirmed once again that his department is exploring drones as an addition to their surveillance inventory.

The NYPD has been researching drones for years, as we’ve written about before. But - just as they have done on everything from basic lists to its FOIA handbook - NYPD records staff insist they cannot release any documents on the subject.   

Following Commissioner Bratton’s statements to the city council committee, MuckRock has submitted a third records request for NYPD drone documents. Read the full story over at Motherboard.

Image via from @CommissBratton.