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Scientology Drug Rehabs

The Church of Scientology has a network of front groups that repackage their religious doctrines, training materials and spiritual treatment processes as secular non-profit products and services. The most notoriously dangerous entities in the Scientology front group network is their drug rehabilitation and substance abuse treatment program that is commonly referred to as Narconon. However, due to the number of deaths and lawsuit settlements directly connected to the Narconon brand, they have begun using a wide variety of brand names to hide the fact a given treatment facility is really a Scientology drug rehab franchise managed by the Scientology-based parent company known as the Association for Better Living and Education (ABLE). The controversies related to this program have been brewing for decades and was widely exposed to the world at large in 2012-2013 when NBC Rock Center did a series of programs giving the most recent Narconon scandals a much needed dose of sunshine.

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