Public Domain Programming: the Source Code of the Government

A project to find code developed in house at government agencies, and get them released so that the programmers whose taxes paid for the code's creation can use the work for their own projects.

There are tons of websites, games, and programs developed in-house at government agencies, which I’ll refer to under the blanket name of “software.” This software is created using taxpayer money and, as a product of the US Government, is not subject to domestic copyright protection under 17 USC § 105. This interpretation comes from the U.S. General Services Administration and can be found in their on GitHub.

There have already been many requests for Source Code to software through MuckRock, and this project will work to gather them together. I also intend to try and discover more software that may have been developed in-house, as well as write articles about the released software.

If you would like to join this project as a contributor, or otherwise have information to provide, I can be contacted at

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