Caledonia Pipeline Project - Protect Duck Creek

We are working to shut down a large, new natural gas distribution line in Ionia County. This line is already in progress. This 12/24" line, owned by Consumers Energy, will pass under Duck Creek, a protected trout stream. Additionally, I have not sold an easement and no eminent domain has been established. Lastly, if it runs in the right of way, it could cause the bridge over Duck Creek, which is slated for replacement in 2018, to fail, perhaps to the point of collapse. UPDATE 5/30/17: The pipeline has been slightly rerouted. It will no longer pass through my property but will be installed approximately 75 feet est of my property line.

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We need help with:

  • legal (I will represent myself, but looking for Michigan lawyers willing to look over forms)

  • art/signs - we have trees and fences to hang them on - fabric preferred

  • keyboard warriors to dig through environmental law, property law, pipeline law, etc (Michigan and federal)

  • independent media, to get the word out and the story in front of the right eyes

  • keyboard warriors able to download and store all posted info on pipeline including live feeds, photos, etc, in case it is later needed for evidence

Thank you friends! Let’s shut down the Caledonia Pipeline Project!

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