Screenshot of DocumentCloud showing available documents sorted by key value pairs

Release Notes: Improved sorting, new revision control documentation and more

In recent weeks, we’ve rolled out a few updates on DocumentCloud. Users can now sort documents on DocumentCloud by their key/value pairs. We’ve documented API access for document revision control. Finally, a fellow DocumentCloud user contributed a write-up on how to run your own version of Klaxon.

For previous site improvements, check out all of MuckRock’s release notes, and if you’d like more frequent peaks at the latest and great, join the MuckRock Slack.


Sorting by key/value pairs

DocumentCloud users may now sort by key value pairs, allowing them to more easily organize their document sets. You may sort ascending or descending, similar to other sorts. For example, in the following document set each document has a request_id key value pair. Sorting in ascending order provides the following results where 23-243 appears before 23-425.

Users may also sort in descending order by appending the name of the key to sort by with a - symbol.

You can see that now documents for request_id 23-425 appear before 23-243. For more documentation about searching and sorting, check out our search documentation.

Revisions API Documentation

The previously released document revision control is accessible programmatically via the API and now is also documented.

DocumentCloud Add-Ons

Fellow DocumentCloud user Gregory Foster dove into forking Klaxon, our popular site monitoring tool and did a write up and how to get started with your own version. Check out the documentation on forking your own version of Klaxon on the main MuckRock repository.