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Screenshot of DocumentCloud showing available documents sorted by key value pairs

Release Notes: Improved sorting, new revision control documentation and more

In recent weeks, we’ve rolled out a few updates on DocumentCloud. Users can now sort documents on DocumentCloud by their key/value pairs. We’ve documented API access for document revision control. Finally, a fellow DocumentCloud user contributed a write-up on how to run your own version of Klaxon.

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A screenshot of a recent map showing radioactive fallout zones, and their relative impact, in the United States.

Release Notes: Better site monitoring, revision control enhancements and more

MuckRock’s tech team has been hard at work enhancing our transparency platforms, all of which are open source. Read on for what’s changed.

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A red klaxon on an industrial cement background.

Klaxon Cloud: Free, simple alerts when a webpage updates

Want to know when your favorite government agency posts new information? Wondering if a corporate press release might see some post-publication revisions? We’ve brought the power of The Marshall Project’s Klaxon site monitoring tool into DocumentCloud, and it’s now easier than ever to track changes and get alerts from websites you care about.

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