Add your name to our FOIA request for the full Mueller Report

Add your name to our FOIA request for the full Mueller Report

Or just register for updates as documents come back

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Earlier this week, we took a look at what you likely could (and couldn’t) get of the Special Counsel’s Report through FOIA. A number of readers were interested in filing their own requests for materials, or in getting updates as these requests were fulfilled.

So we’ve made it easy for anyone to file, signing on to a group FOIA for a copy of the Mueller Report as well as other materials we thought would be worth getting into the public domain. If you don’t want your name on the request, you can also just click “Follow” on the request page to get updates as they come back.

The good news is that the Department of Justice has already indicated that the processing of these documents is well under way, with a release of a version (almost certainly heavily redacted) to Congress within weeks.

So what’s the point in a new request?

For one, there’s a legal requirement for a response, meaning that if there are unexpected delays with the Congressional review there’s a right to appeal and litigate, challenging redactions withholding important information.

Second, there’s the public display of public interest in the topic, a consideration in a variety of areas of the Freedom of Information Act ranging from how fees are assessed to balancing what’s disclosed or withheld under privacy reasons.

Finally, we want to expand the scope of materials beyond what is just in the report to get a broader sense of the investigation, whether that’s often often the Deputy Attorney General was checking in, any overlooked exceptions to the Special Counsel Office’s famously tight-lipped media policy, and other information that can shed light on this event.

The request will be filed on Monday, April 1st, at 12pm EST. Sign on here:

And read a draft version of the request here. Once the request is finalized, even if you don’t sign on you’ll be able to click “Follow” on the request page to get real-time updates on the requests progress.

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