UPDATED: Help release the CIA's investigation in the 1993 shooting at Langley

UPDATED: Help release the CIA’s investigation in the 1993 shooting at Langley

650+ page release documents the Agency’s four-year long investigation into Pakistani national Mir Qazi

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Edited by Beryl Lipton

Thanks to your generous support, we reached our goal - follow the request for updates when the files come in.

This February, Paul Galante filed a FOIA with the Central Intelligence Agency for its files on the 1993 shooting outside Agency headquarters involving Pakistani national Mir Qazi. This week, the CIA responded, saying they would release over 650 pages related to the four-year long investigation, if Galante pays $55 in processing fees. You can can chip in an help.

You can chip in and help with our latest crowdfunding campaign. Every dollar raised helps release nearly a dozen pages, so even a small donation helps. Contribute below, or via the request page.

Image via CIA Flickr