Washington insider wanted J. Edgar Hoover to leverage his friendship with Walt Disney so he'd produce religious cartoons

Washington insider wanted J. Edgar Hoover to leverage his friendship with Walt Disney so he’d produce religious cartoons

Mrs. ██████ repeatedly contacted the FBI with the idea, which she felt would combat juvenile delinquency

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As we’ve written before, Walt Disney and J. Edgar Hoover enjoyed a decades-long professional and person friendship, with fringe benefits including union busting and free admission to Disneyland for FBI agents. There were downsides, however - such as when one unnamed DC insider tried to leverage the Director’s relationship to pressure Disney into making religious cartoons.

A 1956 memo in Disney’s FBI file documents the Bureau’s visit from a certain Mrs. ██████. Hoover, perhaps tipped off that she was coming, was not in.

Whoever drew the short straw and had to serve as Hoover’s surrogate listened patiently to ██████’s idea - to have the Director lend the weight of his endorsement to her idea of getting Disney to produce Biblically-themed features.

If you’re wondering why this was a matter for the nation’s number one policeman, this had apparently been ██████’s crusade for quite a while. She was convinced that an animated Noah would help solve juvenile delinquency and had been pitching anyone in government that would listen - which included no less than the First Lady.

The Bureau officer politely suggested to ██████ that she take the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare’s suggestion and just contact Disney herself. ██████, not wanting to be too much of a bother, took the hint, gave her compliments to the Director, and the affair was over.

Or so the Bureau thought - one month later, ██████ returned. She had contacted Disney, only to receive this rather curt response.

Now it was time to break out the big guns - in order to preserve our children’s welfare, Hoover had to intercede on ██████’s behalf, and convince Disney to start producing Christian programming.

The Bureau’s response was a pretty quick no.

██████ tried one last-ditch “but we were at a party once together” gambit …

but to seemingly no avail - this section of the file ends here. Apparently ██████ finally got the hint.

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