Outlook Not So Good: Army's remote viewing program left much to be desired

Outlook Not So Good: Army’s remote viewing program left much to be desired

Psychic’s long-distance visions of the enemy were sketchy, to say the least

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Edited by JPat Brown

The now-infamous Remote Viewing program run by the U.S. Army during the Carter and Reagan years was one of the U.S. government’s most extreme examples of magical thinking. Under the impression that psychic powers might aid the American war effort, individuals were recruited to attempt long-distance exploration of enemy offices and operations.

After over a decade of “research,” though, the program was disbanded, given that no useful intelligence useful had been brought in. It did, however, result in a collection of sketches - recently released through CREST - that leave us wishing they had at least hired psychics with artistic skills.

Check out a sampling of their portfolio below.

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